Definitions for "Rates"
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means any charge or price for electric services and all related services regulated by the commission, including, availability, terms of payment, and minimum service period. Puc 1601.03 (Tariff and Special Contracts Rules)
fees charged by the model
Charges to customer for transportation.
The cost of a given unit of insurance.
Standards published by telecommunications companies that define service availability, cost and provisioning procedures.
The cost of a unit of insurance as determined by insurance companies and state regulators. The rate serves as the basis for the premium.
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of tax - Percentages of income that must be paid as tax. The Department of Finance sets the basic income tax rates, which vary progressively with the amount of income received. For GST/HST purposes, the GST rate is 7%, while the HST rate is 15%.
The percentage or dollar amounts applied to labor, labor tax and parts tax.
re taxes imposed by local Government based on annual value of property
Indicators are often presented in the form of rates where a raw count is contextualised by dividing by a relevant 'population' figure. This 'population' figure may be the actual population of an area, or may be people of working age etc. A rate is often quoted as per 1000 population or as percent of population.
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The sales prices on goods or services sold to users.
The sales price on goods or services sold to users.
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The rates applicable for the rental of an out of home medium.
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