Definitions for "Raster"
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A pattern of horizontal lines displayed on a computer or TV monitor. As the part of a monitors screen that is actually being used to display images, its a bit smaller than the physical dimensions of the display screen itself. It varies for different resolutions. Most monitors have controls that allow you to move or resize the raster.
A technology whereby the display can be conceptualized as a vast grid of tiny points called pixels. In a lower resolution raster monitor, there are 320 horizontal pixels and 240 vertical pixels for a total of 76,800. Every possible image presented in this technology is a combination of those pixels, and there are, therefore, a finite number of possible combinations.
a rectangular array of values, or cells, or pixels; a common data format for representing and displaying maps and images
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A 2D game that uses sprites for graphics
To apply all transformations (scaling, skewing, rotating, etc.) to a font and display a string of characters on a graphical display.
This is a form of rendered art (photo, web graphic) that will lose it's quality when increased in size.
a way of selecting cells from the structure
A set of cells selected from the structure by a set of rules, for visualization. For example, the row and column raster select, starting from the cursor, a single rank in one dimension an all ranks in another dimensions that intersect that rank. The raster for the vanishing view selects all cells within a given radius of the cursor.
A series of regularly spaced pointed observations, where at each position the observation is repeated. It is defined by the central position, the number of raster legs and raster positions along one leg, the step sizes along the leg and between different legs, and the orientation on the sky.
Raster means to convert mathematical and digital information into a series of dots by an imagesetter as digital data that will be used for output.
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The blank grey or white picture produced by a monitor when its electron gun/s are just turned on but not varied in intensity by an applied video signal.
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a loosely used term
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This refers to a bit map style.
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one line of a frame or field