Definitions for "Rangers"
An army created by Valen. For a thousand years the Rangers only accepted Minbari as their members, but after Sinclair was chosen as Ranger One, humans were also allowed to join. Before and during the Shadow War, the Rangers were the eyes and ears (and often also hands) of the Army of Light. After the war they continued to work for Sheridan helping him to liberate Earth from president Clark's reign of terror and to protecting his allies from attacks by Raiders and Dark Servants. This arrangement eventually lead to the creation of the Interstellar Alliance where the rangers acted as official peacekeepers.
Specially trained American assault troops ANKIN -- Plan for the return to the Continent in the event of German disintegration
elite commandos and infantry specially trained for reconnaissance and combat missions
As paladins are warrior/priests, rangers could be considered as a mix between a warrior and a mage. In addition to their ability to cast magical spells, they're also very good archers.
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Senior Section groups 16-17+ years self governing and programming groups.