Definitions for "Random sample"
A random sample is that part of a statistical entirety, which is achieved after a certain selection procedure (mostly after a strictly random selection), e.g.: in the examination of the chemical composition of a tube from a tube bundle. From the results of the random sample, the entirety is inferred, i.e. when the chemical composition of the random sample is correct, it is assumed, that this also applies for all tubes of the tube bundle.
One or more samples randomly selected from the universe (population).
research subjects selected on the basis of chance giving every member of the population/group/segment being studied the same opportunity to be chosen. This equal probability of selection as a provider of data permits the application of probability statistics to the collected information.
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Single copy of a product with a random imprint, not prepared for a particular client.
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a great way to make sure the item meets or exceeds your expectations
a useful way to test a list
A piece that was previously produced in excess of the quantity ordered by a customer