Definitions for "Rampant"
Keywords:  hind, beast, lion, paw, prey
Ramping; leaping; springing; rearing upon the hind legs; hence, raging; furious.
Rising with fore paws in the air as if attacking; -- said of a beast of prey, especially a lion. The right fore leg and right hind leg should be raised higher than the left.
( of a lion etc. ) Rearing up on its left hind leg.
Widespread; extending unchecked; unrestrained.
unrestrained and violent; "rampant aggression"
a plant that is rampant grows and spreads uncontrollably
indiscriminate near-uncontrolled sexual behavior randy or raunchy: strong sexual desire/arousal and indiscriminate sexual behavior
Occurring without restraint and frequently, widely, or menacingly; rife: a rampant epidemic;
Ascending; climbing; rank in growth; exuberant.
Keywords:  vault, arch, springs, rests, higher
an arch or vault which springs from one level of support and rests at the other side on a higher level.