Definitions for "Rakshasa"
Keywords:  demon, evil, sanskrit, spirit, hindu
(rok-SHAH-sa): Vedic term for Daemon. Vedic belief holds that rakshasas are evil, shape-shifting spirits who exist only to destroy. According to Vedic lore, rakshasas fear their ultimate dissolution when the Brahman eventually awakens and all things cease to exist, so they struggle to usurp reality, obliterate the Brahman, and (they hope) exist forever. As servants of the Brahman, the Sleeping Emperor Whose Dream Shapes the Universe, the Fighting Tigers of Veda are sworn enemies of the rakshasas, no matter what form they take or which rakshasa-lord (Khorne, Nurgle, Slaanesh, or Tzeentch) they serve.
ogre-demons who use to eat humans. Their female, called Râkshasî, are dreadful. The Râkshasa chief is Kubera, who keeps the underground worlds. The Rakshasa are a part of Asura, or semi-gods
a demon, from ancient India, though I don't know what a Vetala is