Definitions for "Rainforest"
Forests dominated by tree species such as myrtle ( Nothofagus cunninghami) sassafras ( Atherosperma moschatum), celery top pine ( Phyllocladus aspleniifolius), leatherwood ( Eucryphia lucida), and blackwood ( Acacia melanoxylon), in which eucalypts comprise less than 5% of the crown cover. It generally occurs in areas with high rainfall.
Generally, a forest that grows in a region of heavy annual precipitation. There are both tropical and temperate rainforests.
the dense tropical forest that grows in the the hot, tropical regions of the world -- where there is always heavy rainfall.
a lush part of the world where an immense variety of plants and animals live
Rainforest (1989) is an album by the American ambient musician Robert Rich. The inspiration for this album came when Rich traveled through the rainforests of the American Pacific Northwest. Seeing the lush beauty of that environment contrasted by the devastation caused by clear-cut logging filled the artist with a sense of urgency.
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Any contiguous area of woody native vegetation dominated by rainforest species and with a rainforest structure (inclusive of but not limited to Integrated Forestry Operations Approvals rainforest definition).
a hot, wet climate but doesn't have a lot of light
a (Land that is covered with trees and
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a happy place where Disney characters dance and sing