Definitions for "Rails "
Rails is a Web application framework for Ruby modeled after the MVC pattern. It uses Action Pack for the Controller and View, Active Record for the Model.
the horizontal sides of a panel frame
1. Continuous metal bars on which wheeled vehicles travel (i.e. railroads). 2. The horizontal sections of a panel door. 3. The top and bottom sections of a window sash.
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A grooved area at the craps table where players place their chips when they aren't being bet.
the grooved area of the table where players may keep their chips that are not playing.
the grooved area of the table where players may keep their chips, which are not in play.
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Raised areas on the soles of metal woods, lowering the center of gravity of the club and providing less resistance as the club travels through the turf.
The usually metal surfaces upon which a semi-automatic's slide travels. For proper function, they need to be clean and wear a light coating of oil.
Normally steel T-section with machined guiding surfaces installed vertically in a hoistway to guide and direct the course of travel
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Edges of the surfboard
Precision rails on which the carriage traverses.
Runway Alignment Indicator Lights
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Rails support the B-Plate and are clamped to the base plate. The rails provide room for the ejection system to move.
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show HIDE Single vertical empty grids left on both sides of a featured story to draw the readers' eyes to the story.
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a bar or bars of rolled steel making a track along which vehicles can roll
Tracks for camera mounts laid on the ground (resembling small railroad tracks) which allow for smooth follow shots for cameras.
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permanent roof rails (usually on estate models)
The rails are lines +/-8.0 % (approximately +/- 4 points) from the Standard Pay Line and define the Normal Pay Range.
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