Definitions for "Railroading"
Most fabrics have the pattern running up and down with selvedges at the side. Railroaded fabrics are turned so that the pattern runs up and down with selvedges at the top and bottom. Often used in upholstery.
the horizontal application of wallcoverings. This is sometimes used to create an unusual or striking effect - a stripe hung horizontally is a good example.
The application of a fabric on furniture or walls so that the warp runs horizontally. The term comes from railroad tracks, with the selvages representing the long rails, and the ties representing the width of the fabric. Also called Warp Horizontal.
Broadly-used term for linear plotting in RPGs. (1) GM behavior when the planned scenario requires a particular sequence of events/scenes leading to a particular ending. The GM ensures that it arrives there by a variety of means. This is generally pejorative, but is sometimes defended as valid as long as it is not overused. (2) On the Forge, a purely negative term for GM behavior that breaks the Social Contract via the GM controlling a player-character's decisions or opportunities for decisions. References: So... What is Railroading? (Using Illusionism Terminology) Railroading, Star Wars, and more Railroading Fun
The bouncing and jerking action of a squeegee on a screen when printing closely spaced parallel lines which are also parallel to the squeegee. The severity of this action is dependant upon the emulsion thickness and squeegee pressure.
A method for preventing twisting on cross-stitch when using two threads by bringing the needle between the threads. It adds time but improves the appearance of the stitch and coverage.
The construction of a railroad; the business of managing or operating a railroad.
the activity of designing and constructing and operating railroads