Definitions for "Railing"
A barrier made of a rail or of rails, together with vertical supports. The typical railing in the interior of structures or on porches has a horizontal rail near waist height, and multiple vertical supports. Its function is usually to provide a safety barrier at the edge of a verticle drop to prevent falls.
A horizontal structure used as a handhold or to block off a drop or other unsafe area.
Bar extending from one post or support to another that serves as a guard or barrier. In stores, often used as both a decorative element and a safety device.
Expressing reproach; insulting.
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A structure around a deck that is both decorative and functional in that it keeps drunk people from falling off your deck. If your deck is more than 30" higher than the surrounding ground or other surface, then you must have a railing at least 42" high (according to the ubiquitous U.B.C.). Standard height for stair railing is 36".
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A term used to describe making fast and hard turns. e.g. "He was railing around that turn before he slid out."
Rails in general; also, material for making rails.
material for making rails or rails collectively