Definitions for "raider"
An individual or entity attempting to acquire enough equity in a target company...
An individual or corporation that attempts to take control of a TARGET COMPANY by buying a controlling interest in its STOCK and installing new management.
someone who takes spoils or plunder (as in war)
Ship of about 500 feet in length. An elongated flat ellipsoid, that resembles a Cockroach or Waterbug in shape and appearance. Used by Syndicate affiliated gangs to attack unarmed or lightly defended Passenger or Transport vessels. Carries varying numbers of photon cannons in the .1M to .3M size range. They usually attack in pairs.
A company that raids another company, usually with the intention of rationalizing its business and / or stripping its assets.
The name given to the player who enters the court to try and touch the opposing players and tag them out. Only one raider allowed in at a time.
a player that will send a small force with the sole intent of hurting your economy
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One who engages in a raid.