Definitions for "Radish"
The pungent fleshy root of a well-known cruciferous plant (Raphanus sativus); also, the whole plant.
The root of a plant "Raphanus sativus" Longipinnus Group of the mustard family grown in many forms and colors from 1 cm dia. spheres to 30 cm long carrot-like roots and with colors from white through red to black. The crisp white flesh has a slightly peppery flavor of varying degrees of strength. Generally used raw in salads and for decoration in many sculpted shapes. The larger varieties, e.g mooli, may be eaten raw, cooked or pickled. The young leaves are also edible.
pungent fleshy edible root
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Like habanero, radishes work as a stimulant that quickens and excites the body. They also energize the body (helping it to marshal its defenses against invading viruses). In addition, they help to carry blood to all parts of the body.
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A child with reactive attachment disorder. While speaking of the disorder in a public forum or chat area, a parent will probably not want to use the child's name, and when the parent has more than one child, RADish (or simply Radish) may be used to refer to the child with RAD.
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Common and inexpensive