Definitions for "Radiofrequency"
Any frequency at which electromagnetic radiation is useful for telecommunication. Note: in this publication the terms RF and microwave are interchangeable and refer to the frequency range 300 HZ-300 GHz.
the frequency in the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that is commonly used to carry information over distances via radio waves. It typically encompasses the AM radio band (0.54 -1.7 MHz) to high microwave frequencies (100s of GHz) but may extend beyond these somewhat arbitrary limits.
An electrical current that alternates the poles in the radiofrequency range (300 kHz–36 Hz); the high frequency current used in electrosurgery.
A procedure used to treat some types of rapid heart beating. Radiofrequency-based procedures cure atrial fibrillation in 70% to 80% of patients.
Use of generated heat through an electrode to cause selected damage to tissue. One type of surgical treatment for TN.
Using energy in the radio wavelength band. In this context, the radiofrequency energy is delivered via electrode catheters that are introduced via blood vessels of arms or legs, through which their tips are manipulated into the chambers of the heart.
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(RF), the type of radiation emitted from a mobile phone