Definitions for "RADAR"
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electromagnetic radiation in the radio part of the spectrum. 30. Interstellar Material
By emitting high frequency radio waves and measuring where and how fast they were reflected, a radar instrument can measure things like distance, direction, speed, etc. A radar instrument can "see" objects in the dark as well as penetrate cloud cover.
Ra dio etection nd anging system used to detect the presence and location of objects by the transmission and return of an electromagnetic signal.
a bookmarklet that will tell you whether a CD for sale on Amazon was produced by an RIAA member-company or an independent
a bookmark which has to be run off of an Amazon
a script that attaches a little graphic to Amazon product pages to tell you if the CD you're looking at was released by an RIAA label, so that you can make intelligent decisions regarding who you give your money to
Radar is an American online and print publication that features an eclectic, irreverent mix of articles on entertainment, fashion, politics, and general human interest. Despite a gloomy publishing climate, the high-propfile, independently published title has been relaunched twice (most recently in September, 2006), financed by a number of high-profile backers. Its founder and editor-in-chief is Maer Roshan, a well-known editor and writer who held top spots at Interview, New York and Talk, among other publications.
RADAR is a pluggable network monitoring platform that allows for reporting and searching at the application layer. Out of the box, RADAR lets you capture SMTP, AIM, YahooIM and YMail traffic. Find out more at:
Reducing your holdings in a stock to one share. Typically used to monitor a stock's performance.
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supernatural torpedo
Extremely realistic kind of electronic game often found on larger sailboats. Players try to avoid colliding with "blips" which represent other sailboats, large container ships and oil tankers.
Electronic device used for 'seeing'.
Abbreviations , Navigation , Parts Raffees Sails , Rigging , Parts
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See NEXRAD. Weather radar can be used to measure wind speeds and rainfall rates.
Type of chart in Microsoft Excel raadaarii View
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A big clock-like device in Ahnonay. Not a radar and not a clock but something between.
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Radar is a Web-based administrator for Tomcat. It allows easy administration of contexts, Web applications, and server settings. Radar is packaged as a WAR file for easy installation.
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In the Heads up display or HUD there is a radar placed at the far right hand side. The red dots are alive animals, the green dots are humans, the blue dots are dead animals, the yellow dots are team members and the white dots are dead humans.
Results, Approach, Deployment, Assessment and Review
Royal Association for Disability And Rehabilitation
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a great help when your own eyes can't see, but of course you need to know how to adjust it
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a tool that music consumers can use to easily and
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a totally different process