Definitions for "Rôti"
Keywords:  roti, bread, flaky, hindi, curry
Introduced by Indian indentured laborers, flatbreads leavened with baking powder and cooked over an open flame on a flat, round skillet called a tawa are the traditional accompaniment to many Trinidadian dishes, including curries and stews. The general term "roti" includes numerous subcategories such as sadha roti (a lightly leavened variety that does not puff; often served as an "everyday" bread), buss up shut (a fluffy bread that's beaten into shreds like a "burst up shirt" before serving), and dalpuri (in which ground, spiced yellow split peas are rolled into the dough's folds before cooking).
A pancake made of flour, and filled with curry.
A flat whole wheat bread from India
Keywords:  roast, meat, french
Roast; meat roast.
French] roast.