Definitions for "quotes"
using single quotes around words which require evaluating with care, since they may suggest false-to-'fact' structures; for example, 'mind', 'thoughts', 'feelings'; also mark off terms used metaphorically or playfully.
Words spoken by someone in a story. In page-design jargon, a liftout quote is a graphic treatment of a quotation, often using bold or italic type, rules or screens.
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The prices at which investors offer to buy and sell shares to each other. NZX Advisors enter these quotes into the FASTER system and when they match, a market price is established and the shares traded. Final "buy" and "sell" quotes for each trading day are useful information for investors contemplating the next session.
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This is a PHP frontend to a SQL server to allow one to keep track of your friend's quote
A method used to express a message as if someone else said it; e.g. “And then Fred said to me ‘Read on!'” (A variety of “Embedded Command.”)
Quote message
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estimates of costs given in advance of work being done