Definitions for "Quotas"
a fixed proportion of people from certain groups (ie women) who are permitted to do something (such as enter government)
A proportional share, as of goods, assigned to a group or to each member of a group; an allotment
Quotas refer to the amount of storage space you are allotted for a given account. For most students the two quotas to be aware of is the amount of space you have available on your server and your mail quota.
Governments set quotas to limit the number of imports that come into the country. Any imports in excess of the quota are either not allowed or face heavy taxes.
A maximum number placed by a nation state on the goods that can he imported into the country in any one period. The quota is defined for a particular product category.
limits on the amount of foreign goods that can be imported
In employment law, court-ordered hiring and/or promoting of specified numbers or ratios of minorities or women in positions from which a court has found they have been excluded as a result of unlawful discrimination. Quotas, which discriminate against males and/or members of the majority in hiring or promotions, cannot be undertaken by an employer without court sanction. Quotas may also be imposed on labor unions to remedy discrimination in admissions to membership. Quotas are not the same as goals and timetables.
It is unlawful to select a person for a job on the basis of their gender or race in order to achieve a fixed quota of employees of that gender or race.
Specify the number of respondents that fall into the categories required (e.g. so many women, so many men etc.). Interviewers are given quota sheets to show them how many of each type of person are to be interviewed. The sample quota profile is a profile of all the individuals that will be interviewed.
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A certain number or value of specific goods which are allowed into the U.S. in one year.