Definitions for "Quiet Zone"
Areas of high reflectance (spaces) surrounding the machine-readable symbol. Quiet zone requirements may be found in application and symbology specifications. Sometimes called "Clear Area" or "Margin".
A clear space containing no machine readable marks, which precedes the Start Character of a bar code symbol and follows the Stop Character. Formerly referred to as "Clear Area" or "Light Margin."
Area leading or trailing a bar code with no encoded information.
This is the region of an anechoic chamber in which the EUT (Equipment Under Test) is to be placed for measurement. Consequently, it is also the region to be measured for demonstration of compliance with reflectivity requirements for the chamber. The quiet zone is most commonly a sphere of diameter large enough to envelop the largest device to be tested.
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a section of rail that contains one or more consecutive public crossings at which locomotive horns are not routinely sounded