Definitions for "Questions"
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One means by which MSPs can seek information or explanation from ministers (and the Presiding Officer). Questions can be for oral or written answer, and are governed by chapter 13 of the standing orders and the detailed guidance published by the clerks in the Chamber Office
A question may be asked by anyone at Guild Council during the questions section on the agenda or to an officer or committee during the reports section of the agenda. Please email any questions to the independent chairs in advance of the meeting. An officer or committee may delay answering a question unless they have had notice of it in writing two days in advance.
Questions is a game which is played by asking questions. Play begins when the first player asks a question, which is often, "Would you like to play a game?". The second player must respond to the question with another question, i.e.
a priority for the Department and we welcome the opportunity to move this debate forward
Questions about ethical or legal use of computing facilities should be directed to Information Services or the user's academic department.
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A working hypothesis
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Education is more than filling a child with facts. It starts with posing questions. D.T. Max
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(see Yes-no question, Wh-question)
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See Questions, kinds