Definitions for "Query letter"
A letter, usually of one page or less, that a writer or potential author sends to a book or magazine editor to propose an idea for a book or article. The letter often outlines the author's qualifications CLIPS .OUTLINE SLUSH
A brief letter to an editor that quickly describes a manuscript that an author would like to submit for consideration. If applicable, previous writing credits or experience should be included.
An introductory letter that a potential author sends to a book or magazine publisher describing an idea for a book or article and outlines the author's qualifications.
an audition without your winning smile, your angelic voice or your rhythmic body
a one-page overview of your book, the intended audience, what is special about your book and a list of previous publishing experience
a summary of a script or book that one is either in the process of writing or that's been completed
a way to introduce yourself and an opportunity to make a good impression
a very important part of the submission process
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