Definitions for "Query"
A question; an inquiry to be answered or solved.
A question in the mind; a doubt; as, I have a query about his sincerity.
An interrogation point [?] as the sign of a question or a doubt.
(letter) - a written request to see if a producer, agent, manager, studio, etc. would be interested in "looking at" a script, treatment, or story idea.
A shortened form of query letter. See QUERY LETTER
The process by which a web client asks a web server to return information, based on a character string passed to the server.
Message used to inquire about the value of some variable or set of variables.
a message from a router inquiring each host on the router's interface about group membership information
a short letter sent by an author to a publisher to inquire about its potential interest in his or her proposed article or book
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Several query functions are available in the Stock Screener, e.g. the general company query, the market value query, the fundamental query, and the technical query. This feature is helpful when creating a fund of a particular investment style, e.g. value funds, small cap funds, etc. An investor may also wish to enter and exit a particular industry, e.g. from high tech stocks to transportation, from transportation to textiles, etc.
a string of text, describing the information that the user is seeking
a string that is injected into the server, to fool the server into giving it access to it
a boolean combination of atomic expressions
a Boolean expression over attribute tests, structural relations, and temporal relations
a logical sentence that consists of elements joined by special symbols called Boolean operators
a description of a path in the SGML document structure
a pattern which defines which SGML elements to select
a sequence of terms separated by / , where each term describes an SGML element
a common method for finding one or more instances that match a particular set of criteria
a form, attached to a view, which you can open to change what subset of the data is shown in that view
a method by which you obtain access to a subset of records from one or more tables that have attribute values satisfying one or more criteria
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KQML-like performative acting as a wrapper specifying that its content (optionally surrounded by a formula role) is queried, making an 'implicit And' assumption. This allows the separation of declarative content from such procedural performatives. Attributes: @closure(See: performative module and FOL RuleML)
a collection of feature, feature constraint, and volume restrictions that is applied to the annotation and atoms of a ligand conformation
a statement that identifies the type of the element to be located, along with any additional constraints on its attribute values and position within the parsed tree
a command that a client sends to a server to access the data in an authority area
a command that populates a report with many values from a cube
Indicates that the current contents of the specified properties should print onto the standard output. Note that since preprocessor commands in the input resource file are part of the input file, not part of the property, they do not appear in the output from this flag.
A PeopleSoft application for graphically looking up financial information. Queries produce raw data results that can be downloaded into Excel and manipulated using sorting, filtering, and Pivot Tables. Queries can be found under the navigation path Reporting Tools Query Query Viewer.
a base topic for topics describing a for formulatingqueries for structured data
a high-level, interactive interface to the data
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In data communications, process where a master station asks a slave station to identify itself and indicate its status (e.g., busy, alive, okay, waiting, etc.)
The process by which a master station asks a slave station to identify itself and give its status.
a construct clause either preceded or followed by an optional where clause
a series of clauses
See goal.
a list of surnames, followed by names of ancestors, dates, locations, relatives, and any other clues that could help to pinpoint these individuals
a simple list of terms
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ASL Browser
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used in this thesis to refer to MIS queries, not OLTP transactions.
an operation that returns a value without altering the state of the running system
an operation that returns information about a theory
A way in which to limit a reconciliation to return smaller packets.
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an ad hoc (or on-the-fly) filter that is applied against a Clarion View structure
a temporary report of the current status of the network
In the Internet Printing Properties window of PrintWhere, a query will be sent to check the Status of a printer. The Status field will read: Querying
a Chandler Item, so you must supply the repository parent and kind of the item being created
A pitch, usually for longer, editorial or magazine pieces.
a type of variable, so it cannot have the same name as another local variable in the current ColdFusion application page
a function that maps semi-algebraic sets to semi-algebraic sets
a set of restrictions that limits what you see
Querying Records
a custom view of a table
a join of a few tables and count function
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a mapping from
See map query.
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a finite sequence of atoms
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a message that seeks to know the answer
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What is a website query
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a title abstraction, the key title abstraction
a message that tells other people which family lines you are researching
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a local thing, not a larger code structure
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a group of boxes
a natural language expression describing the desired subject
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a very powerful feature that may well save your skin some day
a specification of the content an properties of the desired documents