Definitions for "Quartet"
A composition in four parts, each performed by a single voice or instrument.
The set of four person who perform a piece of music in four parts.
A stanza of four lines.
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Quartet is the thirty-fourth album by Herbie Hancock and the first with the V.S.O.P. Quartet without Freddie Hubbard and Wayne Shorter.
Quartet, released in 1982, is the sixth album by British band Ultravox, and the third of the band's most-recognizable incarnation, fronted by Midge Ure. This album was produced by George Martin.
Quartet is a 1981 Merchant Ivory Film, starring Isabelle Adjani, Maggie Smith and Alan Bates set in 1924 Paris. Premiere at Cannes Film Festival entry for Selection Officiel (Official Selection) and won Best actress for Isabelle Adjani.
Quartet is the title of a 1948 film based on stories by W. Somerset Maugham.
a good subject for a novel, providing sufficient personalities and a pungent mixture of grind and art
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the cardinal number that is the sum of three and one
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The number of players in a team.