Definitions for "Quartersawn"
Keywords:  sawn, medullary, flecks, pith, porous
Wood which has a grain that runs parallel to the length of the board. (It is sometimes called “vertical grain”.) In oak the boards have ray-like markings running diagonally across them.
Lumber in which the annual growth rings form an angle of 450 to 900 with the surface of the piece. In quartersawn strips the medullary rays or pith rays in ring porous woods are exposed as flecks which are reflective and produce a distinctive grain pattern. May include rift sawn.
A log that is cut into four pie-like sections. Sections are then sawn perpendicular to the growth rings. This results in vertical grain which is more stable and beautiful than plain sawn wood flooring. In some species like oak, medullary rays are clearly visible.