Definitions for "Quartered"
Keywords:  tying, omaha, tie, pot, split
In high/low split games (Omaha or stud), half of the pot is paid to the player with the highest ranked hand and the other half is paid to the player who holds the lowest ranked hand. If two players tie for either high or low winner, they split that half-pot stake and win a quarter of the pot. The tying players are said to have been quartered.
When Players tie with either a high or a low hand, their winnings equal a quarter of the pot. Note: This is Applicable to Omaha Hi/Lo Poker.
To divide half a pot between two tying hands in split pot games. This is Applicable to Omaha Hi-Lo Poker.
Keywords:  radial, oak, stripe, flack, log
Quarter-sawed; -- said of timber, commonly oak.
Veneer produced by cutting in a radial direction to the pith to the extent that ray flack is produced, and the amount may be unlimited..
The quarter log is mounted on the flitch table so that the growth rings of the log strike the knife at approximately right angles, producing a series of stripes. These stripes vary in width from species to species. A natural distribution of ray flake is a characteristic of this cut in red and white oak.
Furnished with quarters; provided with shelter or entertainment.
furnished or provided housing pursuance the carrying out of some activity
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Divided into four equal parts or quarters; separated into four parts or regions.
Keep in your home, or in the case of punishment - torn into four pieces by horses pulling in four different directions.
A quartered flag is divided into four equal areas, like the flag of Panama, above.
The joining together of three or more (despite the name) SHIELD s to form a composite shield. Also applied to ARMORIAL BANNER