Definitions for "Quarry "
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A place, cavern, or pit where stone is taken from the rock or ledge, or dug from the earth, for building or other purposes; a stone pit. See 5th Mine (a).
To dig or take from a quarry; as, to quarry marble.
An excavation from which rock is obtained.
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Quarry is a multi-purpose GUI for different board games, at present Go, Amazons, and Othello. It allows users to play against computer players and other humans, and view and edit game records. It supports SGF and uses the GTP to communicate with game- playing engines.
A part of the entrails of the beast taken, given to the hounds.
A heap of game killed.
Quadrate; square.
A small square glass pane.
Square or diamond shaped piece. Often used in Grisaille style windows.
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Same as 1st Quarrel.
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Live quarry in the form of two rats is most commonly used. The rats are kept in a wire cage with food and water. The cage is kept separate from the dogs. Artificial quarry properly scented and capable of movement may also be used.
a civilian employee of the Vancouver Police Department who is hired on a casual basis to assist in the training of Police Service Dogs by acting as the subject for which the dog is taught to search
a safe environment when you work here because you are properly trained and you have all the right safety gear
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Smoky quartz Sculpture
a collaborative work that uses technology to push the boundaries of live performance in ways impossible before the Internet
a term used to designate a particular location that has yielded fossil remains.