Definitions for "Quality management"
a broad term which encompasses both quality assurance and quality improvement, describing a program of evaluating the quality of care using a variety of methodologies and techniques.
The application of a quality management system in managing a process to achieve maximum customer satisfaction at the lowest overall cost to the organization while continuing to improve the process.
Entirety of measures for planning, control and monitoring of the quality of the operational performance process and/or the process result. Quality management comprises quality planning, control and inspection.
The process of planning, organization, implementation, monitoring and documenting of a system of policies and procedures that coordinate and direct relevant project resources and activities in a manner that will achieve quality. See Also: Quality
The development, implementation, and administration of the quality-control system by the contractor.
The planned actions taken to ensure the effective implementation of an organization's quality systems.
a dynamic subject continually evolving in response to a rapidly changing world
The process or system of ensuring that a product or service should do what the user needs or wants and has a right to expect. There are five dimensions to quality, design, conformance, availability, safety and field use.