Definitions for "Quadrat"
An old instrument used for taking altitudes; -- called also geometrical square, and line of shadows.
a square or rectangular sampling unit of known area (e.g.,1 m2) within which organisms are counted or measured. Quadrats can be used to estimate the percent cover of each species or other reef components and obtain information about density, abundance, colony size, and biodiversity
an ecological sampling tool that makes it possible to compare numbers and types of organisms from different parts of a habitat. A quadrat is a square frame of any size that can be placed randomly or along a transect line. The organisms within the square are counted or measured.
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Quaternity Quietness
not a recognized word in Webster's Dictionary but a word ecologists have been using for years. Refers to a grid (of pvc pipe usually) you place in the intertidal to do counts of organisms.
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A block of type metal lower than the letters, -- used in spacing and in blank lines.
The original and correct term for quad before it became abbreviated in general usage as quad. See QUAD
An area (of any shape) in which plant or vegetation attributes are recorded