Definitions for "Pyridoxine"
(vitamin B6) a B vitamin needed for protein and fat metabolism, nerve function and releases energy from foods. It is essential for function of red blood cells and hemoglobin synthesis. Necessary for the production of amino acid-derived neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine, serotonin and dopamine. Helps assimilate fat and protein and helps promote proper synthesis of nucleic acids and works as a natural diuretic. B6 deficiency can cause many ailments including slow learning and visual disturbances. Low levels of this vitamin may also provoke epileptic seizures in people prone to them. The current RDA is 2 mg per day. You can find more information and obtain pyridoxine in our Liqui C+B Complex(tm), Liqui Carnitine(tm) and Nutri-Vite(tm) Mega Vitamins.
It is member of the B-complex group of vitamins also known as vitamin Bd. Three forms are known, phyridoxine, pyridoxal phosphate and pyridoxamine.
a B vitamin that is essential for metabolism of amino acids and starch