Definitions for "PVP"
Keywords:  versus, combat, pking, fight, attack
Player versus Player; any combat which involves one player attacking another.
or PvPer – Player versus player
Player versus Player. Refers to fighting or killing other player characters rather than NPCs. Also known as Player Killing or just PKing.
Keywords:  pyrrolidone, polyvinyl
Polyvinyl pyrrolidone
Keywords:  pvc, virtual, permanent, path, outside
Permanent Virtual Path 0-9 Outside Plant Outside Plant Track
A set of permanent virtual channels (PVCs) that exist between two cross points.
permanent virtual path. Virtual path that consists of PVCs. See also PVC and virtual path.
Photoselective Vaporisation of the Prostate. The operation to remove prostate tissue using the Greenlight laser
Keywords:  scavenger, stain
stain scavenger
A white, amorphous, water-soluble powder, (C6H9NO), used chiefly as a vehicle in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals. In solution, it has excellent wetting properties and readily forms films.
Keywords:  pwn, vital, edge, get
pwn like a pr0 - get that vital edge
A dispersing and suspending agent that has the ability to attract water. PVP is one of the components of the outer layer of the LoFric catheter.
Keywords:  violent, person
Potentially Violent Person
Keywords:  varietal, plant, protection
Plant varietal protection
A natural resin adding strength and elasticity to hair.
Keywords:  packet, voice, protocol
Packet Voice Protocol