Definitions for "PVA"
An archival white glue that is stronger than gel medium. It mixes well with gloss medium. Transparent even after many coats and remains water soluble. Mixed with gel it becomes water resistant.
Poly Vinyl Acetate
a vinyl polymer used especially in paints or adhesives
ositive orticity dvection. Advection of higher values of vorticity into an area, which often is associated with upward motion (lifting) of the air. PVA typically is found in advance of disturbances aloft (i.e., shortwaves), and is a property which often enhances the potential for thunderstorm development.
Positive Vorticity Advection.
A voluntary arrangement for a partnership over the partnership assets. A licensed insolvency practitioner has to be appointed as the nominee/supervisor.
Partnership Voluntary Arrangement. The term used to describe the company voluntary arrangement procedure as applied to partnerships under the provision of The Insolvent Partnerships Order 1994.
Percutaneous vertebral augmentation. A procedure that helps restabilize collapsed vertebral bodies by injection of material into the collapsed area. Includes vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty.
the Jefferson County Property Valuation Administrator. REMF - Real Estate Master File containing property characteristic information about individual parcel. It is maintained by the Property Valuation Administrator.
is the official who assesses each property in a county. The PVA is an elected state official but is governed by the Revenue Department of state government. These assessments are utilized by all taxing agencies to set their tax rates and prepare the tax bills for each property owner.
If you are assessed at level 3 or 4, you need to contact your nearest Australian Embassy/Diplomatic Mission when you receive your offer, for an initial assessment to be made on your visa application. The PVA measures your ability to meet the student visa requirements relevant to your assessment level.
Playground Volkssport Association
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See: Polyvinylacetate
Patterned vertical alignment. Samsung VA technology that adds an etch step to create alignment patterns, no protrusions
Population vulnerability analysis. An analysis, generally applied to populations or species in danger of extinction, of the population's chances of extinction.
Population Viability Analysis.
Water based latex primer for dusty surfaces, eg concrete, rendering, plaster.
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Paralyzed Veterans of America
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Rainbow Effect
Position Vacancy Authorization. A form used by a department to start the process of filling a position vacancy.
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See present value of an ordinary annuity.
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Ported Vacuum Advance