Definitions for "Purification"
The act of purifying; the act or operation of separating and removing from anything that which is impure or noxious, or heterogeneous or foreign to it; as, the purification of liquors, or of metals.
The act or operation of cleansing ceremonially, by removing any pollution or defilement.
A cleansing from guilt or the pollution of sin; the extinction of sinful desires, appetites, and inclinations.
Preventing negative KARMA to ripen and counteracting self-identification with negative energy.
The eradication from the mind of negative imprints left by past non-virtuous actions, which would otherwise ripen into suffering. The most effective methods of purification employ the four opponent powers of regret, reliance, virtuous activity and resolve.
The fifth stage of the after-life, corresponding symbolically to the passage of Spirit's gyre through the sign of Leo. Record In the Sphere, ‘All things are present as an eternal instant to our Daimon' ( AV B 193). However, this state is incomprehensible to us, because ‘all things fall into a series of antinomies in human experience', so that Yeats's ‘instructors have therefore followed tradition by substituting for it a Record where the images of all past events remain for ever "thinking the thought and doing the deed". They are in popular mysticism called "the pictures in the astral light", a term that became current in the middle of the nineteenth century, and what Blake called "the bright sculptures of Los's Hall"' ( AV B 193). This definition seems to lay stress upon the past elements, rather than the future ones, of the eternal instant and, as Yeats hints, may owe more than a little to the Theosophists' idea of the ‘akashic record', images in the spiritual susbtance, as well as to the tradition of anima mundi.
One or several techniques used to increase the purity of a molecule or a chemical compound.
To make something clean and pure.
The process of separating a compound from other components in a mixture so as to obtain the compound in a pure state (also referred to as isolation).
The process for preparing islets ready for transplantation. If islets are not carefully purified other potentially harmful material stored within the pancreas might be transplanted with them.
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The removal of objectionable matter from water by natural or artificial methods.
an integral part of many application protocols