Definitions for "Purchase Price"
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See Allocation Price.
The agreed upon price of your new condominium home, as set out in the Purchase Agreement. The purchase price may list GST as extra or it may indicate that it is included. The purchase price also includes the added or deducted costs for any Real Property Report A legal document that clearly indicates the location of all visible public or private improvements on a property, relative to the property‘s boundaries. It can be relied upon as an accurate representation of the improvements on a property. A Real Property Report is normally required when the boundaries of the unit are set in relation to the land, as with a Bare Land condominium, rather than in relation to the buildings, as with a conventional condominium.
Both a price in monetary terms as well as the value of services rendered to the actual cost of the tangible personal property exchanged, acquired, or repossessed, and other considerations accepted by the seller or person from whom the property passes as price or on account of the price of the TPP covered by the sale and in addition the charges for installation of the TPP sold, and for interest, finance, service, customs, excise, and transportation in relation to the TPP, whether or not such charges are shown separated on the invoice or in the seller’s books.
For each Eligible Loan purchased pursuant to the Agreement, an amount determined in accordance with the applicable loan lock confirmation and this Correspondent Sellerâ€(tm)s Guide.
This will vary according to accommodation s, the season of use, and the amount of time selected. Typically the purchase is financed by consumer loans of 5-10 years which will vary according to the down payment made.
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The cost of purchasing the property.
The amount, before taxes, fees and closing costs that you pay for an item like a home or auto.
The amount of money paid for the property, including down payment and mortgage, but excluding closing costs and other fees.... read full article
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The value placed on the allotment for sale.
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Enterprise value (including debt).