Definitions for "purchase order"
Written authorization for a supplier to ship products at a specified price,...
"A form prepared by a company's purchasing department and sent to a vendor describing the items ordered; the expected price, terms, and shipping date; and other shipping instructions."
A document that promises payment to a vendor for the specified goods or services when an invoice has been received by SABO. Invoices should reference the applicable purchase order number.
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a form that constitutes a legal promise for WSA groups to pay
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a classic example of how the spec is used to make life easier for developers, and ultimately, end users
a legal commitment to pay a business for the delivery of the products
a pre-printed, numbered form used to notify a seller of the Colleges offer to purchase specified items at a particular price. Other terms and conditions such as delivery dates, delivery instructions, warranty, installation, other business terms, etc. may be included in the document.
Official contract, frequent used to refer to purchases of capital equipment
a legal contract
an example of a frequently occurring contract reduced to a reproducible form
a business identity and requires persistence store such as a relational database
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Purchasing power Purchasing power of the dollar
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The form submitted to acquire a list.
a tool that Independent Study offers to organization so they can pay for students/employees in one monthly payment
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a request for a check and generated and handled by the purchaser
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An agreement between companies that a specific job is going to be done for a specific price.
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a real object found by a PO
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a generic object