Definitions for "PULLING"
To overexpose and underdevelop film to effectively reduce its speed.
method of underrating the normal ISO speed of a film to produce an overexposed latent image.
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Pulling is a BBC Comedy show, produced by Silver River Productions, currently being broadcast on BBC Three. It was co-written by Sharon Horgan and Dennis Kelly and stars Horgan, Tanya Franks, Rebekah Staton and Cavan Clerkin.
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This is a very important concept in Guild Wars. As you'll only want to deal with one mob at a time, pulling is a handy skill that you need to hone to a razor's edge. It refers to snagging one enemy and/or mob at a time when many are lurking about so that the player/team has an easier time rather than aggro'ing sev¬eral mobs at once. However, there is no greater cause of death in an online RPG than a good pull gone bad.
Attacking a creature in order to make it go aggro on you. Often used in teams. One player is the "puller," and he or she "pulls" the monster around the team, while the rest of the team forms a circle of death and kills it off.
a term used to describe an offensive lineman who, instead of blocking the player in front of him, steps back and moves down the line("pulls") to block another player, usually in a "trap" or "sweep."
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Where a horse pulls heavily against the reins when being ridden.
Some horses get fired-up during a race and try to run faster than the tempo of the other runners. These horses are 'pulling'. Horses that pull will usually waste a lot of energy in the process, leaving little in reserve for the finish.
Occurs when a horse is anxious to run on early in a race and is restrained by the jockey
(handles) Plastic clay is stroked with water by hand to shape handles, either directly on the pot from a lump stuck on the side, or by pulling (shaping) a rudimentary handle which is completed later, once attached to the pot.
The technique of tapering a coil of clay. A wet coil of clay is held up and dangled from one hand. The fingers of other hand; draw or "pull" the coil to a taper by progressively tightening as they pass down the wet, slippery coil.
the act of pulling; applying force to move something toward or with you; "the pull up the hill had him breathing harder"; "his strenuous pulling strained his back"
Leaving one's position to move elsewhere to block.
Exerting force upon an object so that the object moves toward the force (includes jerking).
(1) bringing an object or person to you. See also: Frictional pull. (2) the ability to control a strike so as to come within a fraction of an inch from hittin the target.
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Dragging a rival forward into a punch; a foul.
Resistance to the movement of a brush during the application of a material due to the viscous nature of the medium. Such a material is sometimes referred to as being sticky under the brush.
Freeing the sections of a book from the original binding, in preparation for rebinding.
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Tendency of a vehicle to pull to one side under braking.
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the process of printing a proof from a die or a plate
minor operations on oil wells due to maintenance or marginal replacements.