Definitions for "Pulley"
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A wheel with a broad rim, or grooved rim, for transmitting power from, or imparting power to, the different parts of machinery, or for changing the direction of motion, by means of a belt, cord, rope, or chain.
To raise or lift by means of a pulley.
a wheel over which a rope, chain or belt passes. Pulleys can be used to change the speed of a mechanism. If a large pulley is connected by a belt to a small pulley, the small pulley turns faster causing an increase in speed. If a small pulley drives a large one, there is a decrease in speed but an increase in power.
Pulley is a Southern California punk outfit that made its debut in 1996. The band is known for straight-forward, hard-edged melodic punk. Pulley was formed upon vocalist Scott Radinsky's departure from Ten Foot Pole, brought about by that band's desire for a singer with a full-time focus on music (Radinsky is also a major-league relief pitcher and has played for the Los Angeles Dodgers, among others).
Pulley is a self-titled, full-length album by the Punk band Pulley.
a cylindrical member, but sometimes polygonal in cross section with provision for mounting on a shaft.
Consist of a steel tube with end plates, taper lock mounting hubs and bushings, and a steel shaft. Used for drive pulleys, end pulleys and take-up pulleys. Note that only the drive pulleys are lagged.
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See derailleur pulley.
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The device around which the lure and line flow. The pulley keeps the course in position and allows for smooth, safe operation.
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a form of lever
a one of the many ways of gaining mechanical advantage