Definitions for "Puff pastry"
Keywords:  flaky, pastry, dough, butter, feuillet
A type of pastry made up of layers of dough and butter, which puff and separate into dozens of flaky layers when baked.
a rich flaky pastry made by enclosing butter in a dough which is then folded and rolled out numerous times to create hundreds of layers. When baked, the steam from the butter causes the pastry to puff up.
This is the multi-layered buttery pastry in napoleons and palmiers. The thin, crisp, flaky layers are formed when the dough and butter are rolled together, then folded in thirds like a letter and rolled again in a process called a turn; classic puff pastry is "turned" six times, which creates over 1,000 layers of dough (thus the French term mille-feuille, which means 1,000 leaves). Well-made puff pastry rises to 5 times its original volume during baking. As it bakes, the water in the dough converts to steam, filling the places previously occupied by the butter, which has already melted and been absorbed by the dough. Preparing the dough from scratch is an exacting process and many people prefer to buy the dough ready made. Quick puff pastry is made by tossing large cubes of butter with flour before the water is added to form the dough. The dough is then rolled and folded like puff pastry. Although it does not rise so high as classic puff dough, the quick pastry has the same delicate, flaky texture and can be used for any desserts where the pastry doesn't have to rise as tall.