Definitions for "Puck"
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Puck is a visual programming language for learning to program. The goal is to create an environment which is easy to handle and prevents students from making syntax-errors. Puck-programs use Bricks that are combined to a program via Drag & Drop.
A disk of vulcanized rubber used in the game of hockey, as the object to be driven through the goals.
The puck is made of vulcanised rubber or other material approved by the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) and is primarily black in colour. The puck is 2.54cm thick and 7.62cm in diameter and must weigh between 156 and 170g. It can move at speeds of more than 150km/h.
A celebrated fairy, "the merry wanderer of the night;" -- called also Robin Goodfellow, Friar Rush, Pug, etc.
a mischievous sprite of English folklore
a devil, not a joker, which directly contrasts Robin Goodfellow's character not only in Elizabethan folklore but in the play as well
the body is in an open tuck position with legs pulled up 45 degrees (hands don't have to touch the knees)
A semi tucked shape allowed in competitions for multiple twisting multiple somersaults.
An air position in which the legs are pulled up 45 degrees. A compression of "partial tuck."
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A palm-sized device that slides on a tablet's surface. The puck and tablet together function as a pointing device. See pointing device and tablet.
A hand held device used with a digitising table or tablet. It is used to point to an exact location in order to capture its coordinate.
a mouse-like input device for a graphics tablet which is moved over the surface of the tablet
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A token denoting the dealer position. See Button.
Small hand-held device (often with several function buttons) used for entering data from a digitizing table. May also be referred to as a "cursor". This should not be confused with the screen (CRT) cursor.
A button or token indicating the dealer position.
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The goatsucker.
Puck: The Unofficial Journal of the Irrepressible was published by San Francisco-based Permeable Press in the early and mid-1990s. Edited by Brian Charles Clark, Puck published numerous writers in the literary underground, including Hugh Fox, Michael Hemmingson, Lance Olsen, Mark Amerika, Freddie Baer, Susan Birkeland, Eurudice, Adrienne Greenheart, Mary Leary, Doug Rice, Morgan Songi, Tolek, Larry Tomoyasu, and Martin Wayne.
Same as Cripplebush. This term is used more in the Appalachians than in the Adirondacks
Puck was America's first successful humor magazine known for its sharp humor and colorful cartoon caricatures satirizing the political and social issues of the day.
Puck is the codename of two fictional characters, a father and daughter pair who are both members of Alpha Flight, in the Marvel Comics universe
The object players strike with the mallet in attempts to score a goal. Pucks are make out of a material called "lexan" and are traditionally yellow, but other colors are available (red, fluorescent green and white).
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A round plastic object used by the casino staff to indicate if a point has been established - one side is white - the other side is black.
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a very odd thing to have sticking out the side of your mouth like that
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