Definitions for "PUBLISHING"
the act or process of preparing written material for presentation to an audience, whether informally to classmates, as in part of the writing process, or formally by a publishing house.
a web site designer team located in Adair, Oklahoma
Moving the final version of web pages to the live server so that they are accessible to the public.
The process of making a document more available for its intended use. This usually involves converting it into a publishing format.
Making resources available to network users.
The process of publishing content across the enterprise out to one or many channels (ex: portal, Web, print, CD, PDA, etc.)
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Publius Publix
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a wholly owned subsidiary of the IWA - a not-for-profit organization
The relationship between an artist and publisher in which the publisher funds a print edition in exchange for a percentage of the profits. The publisher may be involved in the printing process or may hire someone to execute the edition.
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a divison of CMA Marketing Group, Inc
the business of publishing
a new business assisting Australian authors to publish their own novels
Storing a message instance in the MessageBox database so it can be matched to a subscription from a consuming application. Also refers to publishing (storing) Business Rules policies and vocabularies in the Business Rule Store database.
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When you share your final writing with other people.
Publishing provisioning information to an external datastore in real time. Publishing plug-ins must be developed to write data to a datastore.
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The process of automatically generating an HTML document with an embedded SWF file.
In this context, putting HTML documents on a server for other people to see and read. See Part I.
The option of making your Site viewable by other members in the Directory Search.
a resource site for Webmasters that is updated regularly
An optional fee service to remove ads from your site.
an important aspect of the research process and there is an urgent need for raising the awareness and skills of editors, reviewers and authors
Research & Development
a leading provider of ratings and guides within the leisure industry
Posting text on the Internet is considered to be equivalent to publishing a piece of work in print.
a cooperative for the promotion and distribution of their works
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