Definitions for "PUBLISH"
Uploading a document to a server where it will be accessible on the Internet. This is easily done via ftp software.
To make a Web page available to the World Wide Web community at large. Main ©1997, 1998 Webmaster JDC !-- setonclickmethods();
This defines the state of various parts of your Joomla installation. For example, installed Elements will only display on your Web site if they're published. Content items can be managed with a start and end date of publishing.
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a unattended batch-processing application for creating DjVu and processing DjVu metadata, JRA Convert is an interactive wizard application, designed specifically for ad-hoc conversion processing when the need arises
Windows installer method for advertising an application. When you publish an application, the installer does not create shortcuts or Start menu icons, but the application is configured to be installed the first time another application activates it. See also advertise, assign.
To transfer an application to the server and then deploy it. (See transfer and deploy.)
Before a Portfolio is published, it is viewable only to you and your professor or advisor. However, once it is published, it is viewable by all who have access to the Internet.
To make a document visible to readers. See also: approve, draft, reject There are no glossary terms that begin with this letter. rank The relevance of a file to a search query.
once a weblet is ready to be viewed the overall owner should use the publish facility to make it visible to the outside world. Prior to publishing, changes made in the back office are not viewable by normal visitors.
To make public; to make known to mankind, or to people in general; to divulge, as a private transaction; to promulgate or proclaim, as a law or an edict.
to produce or release a written work for the public to see or hear.
To make your information accessible to the public.
To send forth, as a book, newspaper, musical piece, or other printed work, either for sale or for general distribution; to print, and issue from the press.
put into print; "The newspaper published the news of the royal couple's divorce"; "These news should not be printed"
prepare and issue for public distribution or sale; "publish a magazine or newspaper"
o send an ITT to the marketplace or a Bid to a Shipper.
To make a privacy policy available for deployment. Only the CPO staff role is authorized to put a policy into a published state.
Send a notification. An event publisher makes an event available to the notification service.
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Saves your changes to the database.
To save a project as a movie file.
Creates an item in the portal (Upfront or Cognos Connection) for other report consumers. Publish is equivalent to saving a report.
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have (one's written work) issued for publication; "How many books did Georges Simenon write?"; "She published 25 books during her long career"
The final product that is created at the end of the writing process.
The part of the writing process that involves preparing a paper to be read by others.
To utter, or put into circulation; as, to publish counterfeit paper.
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To make known by posting, or by reading in a church; as, to publish banns of marriage.
To post an entry on a blog.
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A "patch" applied to the UO servers that includes game changes, bug fixes, and sometimes new bugs. Generally feared by the gaming population, since the servers tend to be somewhat unstable afterwards. More information can be found on the Official Update Center.
In literary affairs, to become the fundamental element in a cone of critics.
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select this action to update your 'Publish URL' link with your new version of its 'default' page.
makes the page "live" for all to see - this can be done for pages, pages and children, as well as components. Individuals will not Publish the full site.
makes the page "live" for all to see - this is happens after you have marked a page or component for publish.
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The process of identifying and replicating transactions from a primary database. See also subscribe.
The action of taking content or data and placing it within another system.