Definitions for "PUBLICATIONS"
a straightforward guide for newcomers to the professions
a straightforward guide for newcomers to these professions
Books Calls for Papers Journals Special Issues
a division of RIBA Companies Ltd
a division of the National Rifle Association in Fairfax, Virginia
Documents which can be downloaded from the WARP Toolbox and used without any changes. Examples are marketing brochures and Powerpoint presentations.
a Montreal-based provider of a range of financial and economic forecasting services based on bespoke indicator models
an editorial company that specializes in tracking consumer trends worldwide
The publications service allows indexing and searching on Penn publications
Documents created and reproduced for distribution and dissemination (e.g. directories, newsletters, and catalogs). Return to Publications
a comprehensive resource for translating and interpreting in the medical field
a world leader in extreme female fight videos, women fighting women, female vs
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