Definitions for "Publication Date"
The date, more and more theoretical, when a book is made available to the public. The theory holds that a book will be released on publication date in retail outlets across the country; this is the day on which the publisher hopes to orchestrate the appearances of book reviews, advertisements, publicity, and perhaps an author tour. To achieve simultaneous introduction of a book throughout the country, publishers must send out review copies and start the promotion and distribution processes well in advance of publication date. Today more and more publishers ship books up to several months ahead of the publication date, which has become known as the "release date."
The date set, usually after actual printing of the book, that is announced to let the target audience know when the book will be available.
The date an item (book or journal issue) was published.
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October 01, 2001
October 20, 2005
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July 01, 2002
July 02, 2003
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March 25, 1976
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A sliding holiday based on the phases of the moon.
The month and year a publication is received from the printer and is available for sale.
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The year a publication appears.