Definitions for "public offering"
The making available of a new securities issue to the public through an underwriting. also called offering.
Used in the context of general equities. Offering to the investment public, after compliance with registration requirements of the SEC, usually by an investment banker or a syndicate made up of several investment bankers, at a price agreed upon between the issuer and the investment bankers. Antithesis of private placement. See: Primary distribution and secondary distribution.
An offering to the investing public, after registration requirements of the SEC has been complied with.
See: Primary Distribution. PURCHASE AND SALES DEPARTMENT (P & S): A department in a brokerage firm responsible for trade and customer confirmation. Liaison with clearing corporation for clearance and settlement activities.
(See: Primary Distribution)
an excellent way to accommodate growth by providing equity capital for increased inventories, receivables, facilities, equipment and long-term capital expenditures
The selling of shares to the general public as a means of raising equity funds.
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a sale of shares to the general public
The sale by a company of shares of its stock to the public in the financial market.