Definitions for "Psychosis"
A disease of the mind; especially, a functional mental disorder, that is, one unattended with evident organic changes.
The Condition"...Types of psychosis include ... Schizophrenia..."
Inability to distinguish reality from nonreality. Back to the top
Inability to distinguish difference between the real and imaginary word.
A state in which it is difficult to distinguish between the real and not real. Overwhelmingly not a state of violent impulses. May be hard to discriminate from the beliefs of ordinary people such as alien abductions and the presence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Always more heavily stigmatized that these latter counter-factual fancies.
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Grossly abnormal, pathological behaviour pattern.
The Condition"...meningitis); brain tumors; epilepsy; head injuries..."
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Any vital action or activity.
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an extreme state of emergency
a medical condition with a biological cause