Definitions for "Psychokinesis"
mental influence upon an object, a process, or a system, without the use of any known mechanism or energy. PK includes: bio-PK : influencing living systems, whether humans, animals, plants or micro-organisms. macro-PK : directly observable, large-scale influence upon objects. micro-PK : influencing the statistical behavior of random systems, such as dice or electronic noise.
Perhaps best described as 'mind over matter', psychokinesis is defined as the psi influence of the mind on physical events and processes.
The movement or change in state of physical objects by the mind, without the use of physical means. When used broadly, the term’s meaning also includes electrical PsychoKinesis and psychic healing. In the text, PsychoKinesis is also spoken of as "experiences of transpersonal influence." See text, Chapters 1 and 11. See also, "Extra-Sensory Perception," "psi," "psi-related" and " Transpersonal Experiences."