Definitions for "Psychoacoustics"
The study of how the human brain perceives sound. Findings relating to which sounds are and are not heard by the human ear have been used in the formulation of various audio compression techniques, including MP3.
a relatively young science, although many prominent scientists wrote about and studied it, like Platon, later Shumann, Carl Stumpf and the others
the study of how sounds affect the human brain. During the years, psychoacoustic research has resulted in an improved understanding of human hearing, such as the way the brain processes sounds picked up by the left and right ears and translates subtle differences between the two into cues that indicate directionality. in filters, the ratio of a bandpass or band-reject filter's center frequency to its bandwidth. Thus, assuming a constant center frequency, Q is inversely proportional to bandwidth (i.e., higher Q values indicate a narrower bandwidth). For this reason, the term is often used to denote bandwidth. See parametric equalizer, resonance.
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The theory of how the brain interprets audio. (More)