Definitions for "Psychic"
Of or pertaining to the human soul, or to the living principle in man.
Of or pertaining to the mind, or its functions and diseases; mental; -- contrasted with physical.
From Greek "psyche," meaning soul. An individual with exceptional gifts for telepathy, clairvoyance, mediumship or prophecy. A sensitive who can intuit and reveal the future, or facts, thoughts, and feelings unknown to him or her. In the past, most people have been skeptical or even hostile in their opinions about psychics, but psychics are now being vindicated by carefully controlled scientific experiments. See Parapsychology.
a person who is either born with or develops many gifts or talents in the area of ESP , clairvoyance , communication with the spirit world,
a wild talent who decides to study and develop the innate power she possesses
Generally & incorrectly used as a label for all meanings to do with divination. Its true meaning is the use of ESP or Psychokinesis.
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a fraudulent magician
(noun) a call made without the values normally associated with it, to deceive the opposition.
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a person that can for tell the happenings before they happen
a person that can see and know things most of us cannot
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Of or referring to the psyche.