Definitions for "Psoriasis"
Keywords:  scaly, silvery, scalp, elbows, chronic
A cutaneous disease, characterized by imbricated silvery scales, affecting only the superficial layers of the skin.
An autoimmune disorder that produces red, scaling plaques on the skin that can be associated with mild or severe forms of arthritis.
a serious and often painful and debilitating disease of the immune system. It occurs when faulty signals in the immune system cause skin cells to regenerate too quickly.
Recommendation Vitamin D"...There is a risk of facial dermatitis if the ointment is used on the face or neck, so application is only recommended for the trunk and limbs, and it is important that the hands are thoroughly washed after application to avoid..."
The Condition"...function, improving liver function, improving bowel ecology, alcohol avoidance, fish oil and omega 3 supplementation, fasting, vegetarianism, food allergy elimination diets, sunshine exposure and vitamin D use, a high fiber diet, and stress reduction..." Recommendation Vitamin D" Vitamin D has been recognised for many years to improve some of the important abnormalities present in psoriasis skin, but ingestion of even only slightly above the daily recommended amount of Vitamin..."
Recommendation EPA (eicosapentanoic acid)"...It must be kept in mind that the presence of DHA in fish oil may reduce the effectiveness of the EPA..."
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The state of being affected with psora.
The Condition"...has successfully treated over 1,500 patients with Loma Psoriasis (nickel/ bromide/ zinc), a non-prescription oral homeopathic-like medication..." Recommendation Zinc" Zinc orally or topically may be useful in the treatment of psoriasis..."
a revolutionary non-prescription oral medication effective for
Relationship to Dyspepsia / Poor Digestion"...The toxic metabolites of the amino acids arginine and ornithine are known as polyamines (e..."
Relationship to Yeast / Candida Infection"A number of gut-derived toxins are implicated in the development of psoriasis including endotoxins (cell wall components of gram-negative bacteria), streptococcal products, Candida albicans, yeast compounds, and IgE or IgA immune complexes..."
Relationship to Ankylosing Spondylitis"Ankylosing spondylitis may be associated with psoriasis..."
Our Question about eye irritation"Eye burning, itching & discharge are possible indicators of psoriasis..."