Definitions for "PSM"
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Printing Systems Manager. n. An IBM licensed program that applies print administration and management technology to a cross-platform, client/server print system. PSM provides a set of (a) printing functions for submitting and controlling print jobs and (b) systems management and operator functions to control print spoolers and print supervisors. PSM is based on the Palladium distributed print system.
Programme Support and Management. Programme within TGNP.
Porsche Stability Management
Module music used by Epic MegaGames Pinball, Jazz JackRabbit, etc.
Turbo Pascal Symbol Table or Protracker Studio Module Format or Epic Games Sound Data
PSM (originally short for Playstation Magazine) is a video game magazine specializing in all Sony video game consoles and handheld gaming platforms. PSM is published by Future US, Inc.
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Partido Socialista de Madrid
Phase Space Methods. Dynamical systems may be described by a system of non-linear equations. The state space is spanned by all variables of the system. Based on the theory of dynamical systems the state space may be reconstructed by means of a delay embedding of only one observed variable. The reconstruction is called phase space and enables to apply prediction techniques using nearest neighbour methods.
Phase Shift Mask. A conventional mask that phase shifts the light passing through transparent portion of the mask. Phase shifting increases resolution of the pattern transfer with destructive interference, preventing resist exposure in the regions in which it should not be exposed.
prostate specific membrane; a membrane that surrounds the protoplasm (cytoplasm) of prostate cells
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Plant Secondary Metabolites
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Public Service Medal
Procurement Strategy Meeting Contracting.
Price Sensitivity Meter. a series of questions used to determine perceived normal price, penetration price, highest reasonable price, and lowest reasonable price.
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Petroleum Supply Monthly
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Protective Security Manual
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Preferred Setting Mode