Definitions for "Pseudonym"
Keywords:  fictitious, pen, nom, plume, alias
A fictitious name assumed for the time, as by an author; a pen name; an alias.
a fictitious name selected by an author or a performer to identify their authorship
pseudonym is a fictitious name used by an individual as an alternative to their legal name. In some cases, the pseudonym has become the legal name of the person using it. Practically, a pseudonym is an identifier which is not immediately associated to an entity.
a nym that is not your real nym
a nym that's not your nym Dr
a nym whose relationship with an underlying person is able to be established, but only under particular circumstances
an identifier for a party to a transaction, which is not, in the normal course of events, sufficient to associate the transaction with a particular human being
a random number that acts as an identifier for me between two systems
An abbreviation or combination of letters used in Lloyd's practice to identify a broker or underwriting syndicate.
a shorthand notation which refers to the address of some data string
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a lot of overhead
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a public-private key pair that is used to digitally sign files that are inserted into a namespace
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a minimum requirement