Definitions for "PSC "
primary sclerosing cholangitis. Also called idiopathic sclerosing cholangitis. A chronic (long term) liver disorder where the ducts carrying bile from the liver to the intestine, and often the ducts carrying bile within the liver, become inflamed, thickened, scarred (sclerotic), and blocked. PSC can occur with other disorders, including inflammatory bowel disease or by itself. PSC often causes jaundice (yellowing of the skin and eyes), generalized itching all over the body, upper abdominal pain, and infection. In time it progresses to cirrhosis of the liver (irreversible scarring) and liver failure, requiring liver transplantation. Diagnosis is based on physical exam, routine lab tests, and is confirmed by special radiological tests called cholangiography (ERCP, percutaneous cholangiogram, MRCP). Prognosis depends on the age of the person, degree of jaundice, the stage of PSC and the size of the spleen. Many patients die within 10 years of diagnosis unless a liver transplant is performed.
Primary Scelrosing Cholangitis
Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis. An irritation or scarring of the bile ducts located outside of the liver (extrahepatic bile ducts) caused by the immune system. This disease usually does not affect the small bile ducts within the liver. In patients with ulcerative colitis, an increased incidence of this disease has been identified.
Product Service Code
Public Service Commission. Public Service Commission, a local agency that regulates intrastate phone service. In some locations, referred to as the Public Utilities Commission (PUC).
public service commission. A regulatory authority at state level.
Partido Social Conservador
Partido Social Cristiano
Partido Socialista de Catalu& a
Professional skills course, which must be passed while training to qualify as a solicitor.
This stands for the Professional Skills Course, which is one of the final parts of the route to qualification as a solicitor. It aims to ensure that you have reached the appropriate level of skills and knowledge during the Legal Practice Course and the training contract. If taken full-time, the PSC will last up to 12 days. However, each module can be taken individually. Many of the larger firms will run the PSC themselves, as part of their ongoing training programmes at the beginning of each trainee's contract Public Access (Bar)- Members of the public can now instruct barristers direct in cetrain areas of work - immigration/asylum, certain family and criminal proceedings. See (Public Access Directory) for more info.
Professional Skills Course. A requirement of the Law Society, in order to qualify as a solicitor.
PSC is a setuid wrapper and Perl module for securely passing configuration data to Perl scripts, especially DBI passwords etc. The wrapper opens a conf file, drops priviledge, and then execs the Perl script, leaving the filehandle available to the Perl script for reading .
Indicates a magnetic compass reading. Often deck logs show true and magnetic compass readings.
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Posterior SubCapsular (Cataract) A-C D-I J-O R-V Glossary
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Pacific Salmon Commision
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PHB Scheduling Class
port security company
Production Sharing Contracts
production sharing contract. a contract for the sharing of production revenues between the owner of an oil or gas property, either a government or private owner, and the company or companies developing the property. The terms of a PSC can include royalties payable to the owner, the companies' cost-recovery entitlement, profit split, export duties, petroleum taxes, contract period and procurement terms
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See Pluripotent stem cells
A manufacturer that makes barcode scanners and data collection computers and terminals.
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Peace and Security Council
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Photo Sensitive Cell Transistor
potential source of contamination
potential source of concern
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Protection Switching Count